May 1, 2023
10 Best Health And Fitness Apps For Kids

10 Best Health And Fitness Apps For Kids

Technology often gets a bad rap when it comes to keeping your kids healthy and fit, but it can be a great tool for getting your kids off the couch. Health and fitness apps for kids designed to make exercising easy and fun can get your whole family excited about exercising.

Your kids don’t need their own devices to move. Download one of these free apps or platforms to your tablet or laptop and you can get started together.

We’ve looked at the top 10 health and fitness apps for kids that promote healthy, fun lifestyles at home and in the classroom.

1. Workit Kids – Health and fitness apps for kids

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Sworkit Kids is a popular exercise app aimed at kids that offers a variety of exercise options including strength, agility, flexibility, and balance training. You can guide your kids through exercises as their trainer or let the app become your family’s trainer, so everyone can practice together.

This fitness app walks kids through exercise routines that focus on strength, agility, flexibility, and balance, such as scratching, squatting, or dresser. It combines interval training with random workouts, so it’s never the same workout twice.

Children can learn how to move their bodies, although an adult should check that the exercises are performed correctly. Older kids can create a customizable list of activities to help them get extra energy, increase flexibility, or just exercise, while younger kids can use the pre-made exercises to do the same.

2. 7-minute workout for kids – Health and fitness apps for kids

(iPhone, iPad)

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This is a super fun kids’ fitness app that the whole family can benefit from. The 7-minute workout is based on strong evidence that high-intensity interval training can provide many of the same benefits as longer workouts but without the same time commitment. For kids aged 6-8, this is a great workout and fitness app for kids.

The application has bodyweight exercises, ideal for children because it is not necessary to use weights or other equipment for training. Children can work on endurance, strength, and flexibility in a fun way with the 7 Minute Workout for Kids. Exercises like jumping jacks, squats, and pushups can help the whole family participate. And it only takes a few minutes to get in shape.

3. Ergobreak 4 Children – Health and fitness apps for kids

(iPhone, iPad)

Children are spending more and more time using computers and tablets at school and, both for work and play, at home. The creator of this child health app argues that schools should ensure healthy use of technology in school and incorporate the desire to do the same at home. The reasoning is solid. If it matters enough for employees, it is certainly enough for our students who are still growing.

Designed by a health and wellness expert, this healthy kids app combines the solution to the problem with the root cause – the device itself. At the time of writing, this kid’s health app features twenty videos describing helpful exercises to counter postural problems that can arise after prolonged use.

4. Resilient Family: Happy Child – Health and fitness apps for kids

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Resilient Family: Happy Child provides simple mindfulness, movement, and awareness training for individuals, parents, and older and younger children. He uses exercise to relieve stress and develop body awareness. The goal is to support the development of resilience and self-regulation through training in mindful movements.

This Health and fitness apps for kids aim to reduce stress and develop body awareness for young and old. For kids, there are 18 low incentive workout videos and 18 high incentive workout videos that demonstrate basic methods for building resilience and self-care skills, making it one of the best health apps for kids.

5. Cosmic Kids – Health and fitness apps for kids

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

The Cosmic Kids Yoga app makes it fun for children to practice yoga at home. The app is filled with bright, colorful characters and positive affirmations that introduce yoga practices in a fun way. It is also full of important life lessons, such as helping children to always look on the bright side. Through fun yoga exercises and dynamic movements, Cosmic Kids engages young minds and keeps their bodies active, even indoors.

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This app makes yoga fun for all ages and offers simple, kid-friendly moves that are easy yet challenging for young users.

6. My food – Food for children – Health and fitness apps for kids

(iPhone, iPad)

My Food – Nutrition for Kids is highly interactive and encourages children to learn through exploration. Children will be strengthened as they learn how to eat a balanced meal and why it is important. They learn about food, nutrition, and growing herbs in a garden. They can even document the herb’s growth with photos and sound recordings.

As children explore, they learn interesting facts about fruits, vegetables, growing seasons, and food classification. Each interactive map is supported by easy-to-use narration that explains the concepts in an age-appropriate way. My Food – Nutrition for Kids is a fun way to discover healthy eating habits.

7. Smash your food HD – Health and fitness apps for kids

(iPhone, iPad)

Do your kids know how much sugar, salt, and oil are in the foods they eat? SMASH Your Food is a fun way for kids to learn about foods that contribute to calorie intake through gamification and fun interactions. This healthy kids app is designed for ages 5-12 – but fun for kids (and adults!) of all ages.

8. My Body – Anatomy for Kids – Health and fitness apps for kids

This is My Body – Anatomy for Kids is a very useful exercise app for kids to introduce aspects of the science curriculum related to ‘animals, including humans. Fun yet informative graphics and animations make the kid’s health app a useful school.

An interactive navigation system goes through all the topics, including: ‘Growth’, ‘My Skin’, ‘My Senses’, ‘I am Hungary’, ‘Breathing’, ‘Heart Rate’, ‘My Muscles’, ‘My Nerves’ and finally ‘ My skeleton’. The activities are fun and engaging and are designed to draw the child’s attention to specific points of interest. At the end of each topic, there is a “Smarty Pants” section, which gives the child some very useful background information that improves his understanding.

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9. DreamyKid Meditation – Health and fitness apps for kids

(iPhone, iPad)

The DreamyKid Meditation App offers meditation, guided visualization, and compound affirmations only for kids and teens. He uses proven techniques that teach his children methods to lead them to happier lives through mindfulness. There are different types of meditation apps, ranging from question-based and general-guided meditations/visions to affirmations.

Use the included free programs or buy others, including sleep problems, schoolwork, relaxation, concentration, sports preparation, attention deficit disorder/ADHD. Free for schools and organizations that work with children.

10. UnGlue Kids – Health and fitness apps for kids

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

The app supports parents and empowers their children to make healthy choices for time and screen time management. Children love to have the freedom to make choices. unGlue allows them to control their own screen time, monitor their schedules, save more time completing tasks, and even use unused minutes for another day. You set content and time limits. Encourage better habits so your kids can save unused screen time for later – to the limit.

Put your kids back to work. Motivating your kids to get moving isn’t hard if you have the right bargaining chips: minutes of screen time. Steps4Time allows kids to exchange daily steps for screen time. It’s an easy way for parents to get their kids out of the house — not just glued to their devices.

Conclusion – Health and fitness apps for kids

Getting kids to exercise isn’t always easy, but using fitness apps for kids can be a great tool to get them moving. These Health and fitness apps for kids make exercising fun, motivating, and make it easy to fit a workout into a busy schedule without having to go to class.