September 3, 2022
21 days to a vacation body: look amazing on the beach

21 days to a vacation body: look amazing on the beach

If you look better in minimal clothes than covered, you’ve achieved a great holiday body. This look is achieved with a minimum of body fat. Many people look great in their outfits, but much less impressive in swimwear. It’s possible to have a lot of muscle and fill a shirt well, but if you can’t see your abs, you won’t look good in a bathing suit.

Achieving a holiday body will also make your face more attractive.

A nice benefit of lowering your body fat percentage is that it also gives you a slimmer face with square jaws. One of the reasons GQ and Abercrombie models reduce body fat is to make your face more attractive. In women, it emphasizes the cheekbones and gives a model look. Losing 10 to 15 pounds of body fat in your holiday body quest will make your face more attractive.

The simple 21-day program for a body on holiday

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity… this program works. Here it is, in a nutshell.

  1. Do at least 1 hour of cardio every day for the 21 days before your vacation
  2. Make sure at least 20 minutes of this cardio is intense
  3. Don’t eat calories for 4 hours before or 1 hour after your cardio workout
  4. Calculate the ideal weight you are looking for and multiply this by 8. This number is the maximum number of calories you consume per day.
  5. Only drink a cup of coffee if you want extra energy for your workout
  6. Hit the weights as many times as you want during these 21 days
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Weightlifting is secondary to cardio when you’re aiming for a holiday body

Since your focus is on losing body fat, you don’t have to worry about lifting heavy weights during this time. If you have the energy to hit the weights hard, go for it. If low calories and cardio are bringing you down, skip the lifting. Muscle tone is primarily a function of a low percentage of body fat. You will see very good muscle definition throughout your body if you reduce your body fat enough.

It’s not easy to get a body on vacation, but it’s easy!

I bet less than 1% of the population has ever exercised at least an hour a day for 21 days. The way I see it, this is… if you want to look better than 99% of the people, you’re going to have to work harder than 99% of the people. If you can make it to those 21 days, I guarantee you’ll be happy with the results. You will also gain confidence that you have more self-discipline than 99% of the population.

Only 21 days until a body goes on vacation… Time to do it!